11 Ways to Increase Page Views

11 Ways to Increase Page Views

11 Proven Ways to Increase Your Page Views

Isn’t it surprising how it can take forever to get a single click on your website considering the large number of users that visit the internet every day? It is even more frustrating when you invest a lot of time and money on your site only to have your visitors spend no more than 30 seconds on a page before they leave.

With page views, it’s not enough having good traffic and high engagement levels. You have to devise a way to encourage more visitors to stick around longer than 60 seconds, maybe a few clicks here and there and view some more pages before hitting the back button or closing the tab.

Nobody said running an online venture was going to be easy. However, with the right strategies, it’s very much possible. Fortunately for you, others have done it and laid out the following breadcrumbs to follow so you can achieve success with your traffic. It helps to understand that increasing your page views does not happen overnight, and takes consistent effort with minimal instant result.

1.  Create great optimized blog content

The quality of the content you post on your site goes a long way to convincing people to click around and view more exciting pieces. Content is a brand ambassador and has the power to connect your readers to your website emotionally. Once that happens, they’ll continue to come back for more substance to read.

Also, ensure you execute an SEO strategy for your content to make it easy for the search engines to find you.  Doing this will make everything else in this list more effective and a lot easier to pull off.

2. Creating an accommodating user experience

Users will look forward to using your website more, provided it is easy to use. An excellent place to start is to design your website to load faster. No one loves to be kept waiting. Use Google’s “PageSpeed Insights” to follow up on whatever might be slowing down your page load speed.

Another way to furnish your website’s user experience is to get rid of anything that might come out as intrusive. In other words, manage your ads. Don’t forget to make your website user-friendly.

3.  Create evergreen content

Next to creating quality content is to make your substance relevant enough that readers can still make sense of it months and even years to come. Use Google Analytics to figure out what your customers typed in the search query and what encouraged them to contact you. Utilize that info to create evergreen content aimed at attracting prospects that are likely to become your customers.

4. Interlink your posts

Including a “related links” section below a post is one way of using links to increase your page views. Another linking strategy is to link to other pages or posts directly within a text in your content. Keep the links relevant i.e., ensure there’s more to explore in the phrases or words you’re linking to.

5. Include a sidebar to promote related blog content

A related content sidebar is an excellent way to invite people to get a glimpse of the rest of your blog content. Properly tagging your blog posts makes it easy for people to find related substance and ensures the sidebars are working as they should.

A search engine comes in handy too. People may want to search for your input on a topic relating to the subject you’re blogging on.

6.  Be relevant

Everything in this article rests on a certain amount of relevancy. Check out the following ideas:

  • Break up lengthy posts through the “Page-Link Tag.”
  • Fill your content with relevant internal links.
  • Use excerpts properly.
  • Reinforce high-bouncing pages with some updated research and facts.
  • Add visuals (images and videos).
  • Deploy meta descriptions and title tags properly.

Keep in mind that the first step to satisfying your visitors is to convince them that your website is worth exploring. This will lead to more page views.

7.  Start Guest blogging and invite others to guest post on your site

Securing a guest post on an esteemed site goes a long way to increasing traffic to your website and building your brand. In the same way, inviting writers in your niche to post on your site attracts new readers, so long as it involves original, high-quality content.

Next to blogging is providing thought-provoking, insightful comments on industry blogs. This is a way of making your name heard.

Google is cracking down on poor guest blogging. Best you proceed with caution with this particular point.

8.  Email marketing

Email marketing remains to be one of the most efficient ways to drive more page views. What better way is there of getting in touch with your readers than reaching them at their very inbox?

You can build your email lists by asking your visitors to subscribe to your monthly newsletter through which you would be sending them updates about your products and services, site, and links to your blog posts and social media accounts.

Soon your email list will start to grow and positively impact your page views. At this point, consider sending emails frequently throughout the month.

9.  Advertise

Display advertising, paid search, and social media advertising are all great ways to get your site out there, attract visitors, and build your brand. Evaluate your objectives before you approach any paid channel.

10.  Cultivate a sense of community

Incorporating a community into your website gets a good conversation going. People are generally attracted to forums through which they can speak their truth and contribute to matters they are passionate about.

Make use of third-party solutions including Disqus, or Facebook comments to implement a standing commenting system or a dedicated Q&A forum.

11.  Share your content

Social media platforms play a significant role in increasing page views these days. By sharing your content across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others, you open yourself up to traffic from all walks of the internet.

With that said, increasing your page views doesn’t have to be such an elaborate task. From creating great content to sharing it across the internet, there’s much you can do to get it going for you in this area.

Put to action everything you’ve learned in this piece, and there is a good chance your web page views along with your overall conversion rates will start to improve tremendously.

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