7 Hacks to Keep Your Reader Engaged With Your Blog Posts

Are your readers clicking on your blog posts, but not reading them. Consequently they aren’t staying on your site, clicking on your other links, and not buying your products and services. Fortunately for you, here are 7 hacks to keep your reader engaged with your visually attractive blog posts. These tips will make your content eye popping and shine like new money.

Use Bullets

First, Bullets catch the eye and draw in the reader. Readers have the attention span of a 3 year old. If you don’t keep something shiny and flashy in front of them, they will move on. Its important to realize that bullets give your reader a snippet of info that holds their attention. This gives your reader a preview of whats in your blog posts and makes them keep reading. For example:

How to Boil Water

  • Get a pot
  • Add water to pot
  • turn on stove eye
  • wait for water to boil

Use Short Paragraphs

As previously stated, your reader has a short attention span. They will be distracted by any and every little thing. When you write short, 3-4 sentence, paragraphs slam full of engagin’ content, they keep reading. This will keep your reader dialed in and laser focused on your blog posts. When they read your life altering content, they will follow you, trust you, and ultimately buy from you.

Add Blocks to Your Blog Posts

gray block with writing

Next, add a block to draw your readers eyes to that point of interest. Did you notice how your eyes went straight to the block? As a result, the block will draw your reader to it like a kid on Christmas morning drawn to that special present under the tree. As soon as they see it, they want to unwrap it and see what secrets it holds. Insert a quote and you have a double WHAMMY!

Focus on 1 idea/problem

Another key point, focus on 1 main idea or problem. This will help you keep your reader on the task you want them to be on. If your reader has multiple concepts to ponder, you will lose them. This is all about 1’s. One writer, writing to one reader about one idea with the ultimate goal of one sale. Also, it is easier for your reader to understand the benefits you can provide them to solve their problem or help with the understand the main idea.

List Benefits or Solutions

Then you have to provide benefits or solutions relevant to your main idea or problem. You have to provide 3-4 outcomes that directly benefit the reader by taking your advice. Likewise, you have to provide a solution to the problem you are discussing that directly relates to your reader. Remember, it is all about the reader, not you. Give them value or solve their problem, and they will follow you.

Use Pics to Help Tell the Story

woman holding baby with caption 7 tips to create stunning visual content for blog posts

Then, use relevant, engaging photos that help you tell your story or emphasis your point. For example, pics that stand out, have bright colors, are relevant to your audience, and catch their eye like their first love did. This is eye candy that helps tell your story.

Use Quotes in your Blog Posts

no crossed out with arrow pointing to heart
  • Lastly, readers love quotes. Your readers love quotes. Quotes are one of the best things you can add to your blog post to attract attention and keep your readers engaged.
  • Key points to remember are to keep them short and sweet, author should be well known, and they should inspire, motivate, or be on topic.
  • Make sure to tell your reader who said the quote. Use quotation marks to emphasize what was said. Lastly, put the quote in a block. This will attract your reader like a fly to a bug light.

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