7 Proven Ways to Generating Traffic

7 Proven Ways to Generating Traffic

Generating traffic to your website is the single next most important activity you should embark on after launching your site. Many other online operations such as content and page optimization depend on the amount of noise you’ve been making on the internet and without a wide readership, there’s not a way to move forward with your objectives and plans for the website.

Between generating more revenue and enhancing the popularity of your brand, an extensive traffic flow opens the doors for you to explore a lot more avenues both online and offline.

Driving traffic to your online platform doesn’t have to be complicated, as some blogs so eloquently put it. Engaging, yes, but not difficult. The good news is, others have done it and have laid out breadcrumbs for you to follow so that you can reproduce their results and achieve the same success with your venture. With that said, here are 7 proven ways to generate traffic to your website fast:

1. Content is King

Writing a single post won’t send a thousand readers to your site overnight. Research has shown that it takes regular publishing of quality blog posts (about 20) to experience reader activity in your website. Content can exist in different forms including blog posts, Q&A articles, instructional guides, educational eBooks and whitepapers.

While more posts equal better engagement rates, it is essential to strike a balance between quantity and quality so that you maintain remaining relevant. Eventually, search engines will discover you as a first step in a long process of making you known to your customers.

Now, it doesn’t take an expert on content strategy to be able to create intriguing and informative content that displays your skill and knowledge of a particular industry.

2. Video+ Social Media

Who doesn’t love videos? With the rising rate in video consumption, you’d be amazed at the opportunity this awakens with respect to how much you can make use of the social media platforms to raise awareness for your brand and connect with potential customers. Take a look at the following stats:

  • Online video ads are projected to account for over 80% of all online traffic by 2020.
  • Facebook leads in video content.
  • Images on Facebook receive 135% less engagement than video content.
  • 4 times as many consumers prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it.

3. Leverage SEO

SEO is one of the most important points when it comes to generating site traffic as it enables the search engines to find your website and direct it to readers. Observe the following basic principles when deploying your SEO strategy:

  • Distribute keywords evenly all over your blog content
  • Include in your posts external links pointing to relevant sources and internal links pointing to content within your website to enable indexing by Google
  • Accompany all product images with keyword descriptions
  • Write comprehensive meta descriptions
  • Build links directing readers to your content from other high-profile websites

4. Advertise Extensively

It is practically impossible for one to find something that they’ re not looking for and the only way you’ll get the word out about your website is to advertise and advertise and advertise some more. You can decide to go with either of the two advertising plans: paid and free

  • Paid advertising- You’d best prepare a budget if you decide to go with this strategy.  Paid advertising can include: search engine advertising (Google Adwords), Social media campaigns, and setting up ads on other blogs or websites.
  • Free advertising involves leveraging on the vast online presence in the social media space to spread awareness about your venture. Be sure to join groups related to your campaign on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, and others.

5. Define Your Audience to Generating Traffic

The purpose for most blogs or websites is to inform and convince. Based on what you’re selling, you should be able to define your target audience and how to reach them. With that in mind, you can create content tailored to meet their very needs and include tactics to grab the attention of those particular readers. If they like what they read, they’ll most certainly recommend your website/ blog to their peers.

A good place to begin when defining your audience is to look at your followers on social media.

6. Write for Other Blogs

Do not downplay what creating content for other blogs in your niche can do for your website. Most blogs that publish guest posts allow the guest to include one or two links within the guest post. Once clicked, these links lead the interested parties back to your website.                      

However time-consuming this method may be, it is a sure way to get the word out about your online platform, ascertain your authority in the field, and reveal your brand to a new base of customers.

7. Email Marketing

It would be nonsensical to wrap up this list with anything other than email marketing as a method for generating traffic to your website. Advancements in communication channels have paved the way for marketers such as you to reach your intended audience right at their inbox.

Through a personalized marketing campaign, you can launch your emails to target new and existing customers as well as those that left without completing their transactions. Considering that emails are not too invasive, the chances for people clicking through your email messages are much higher than other marketing avenues such as ads.

How to Check for Traffic

To be able to tell the kind of results you’re receiving with your site campaign efforts, it is crucial for you to know where you stand with your readership at any one time. “The Google Analytics” is a free and easy to use way to track traffic to your website and will avail you with useful site data including the number of visitors, how long visitor sessions last, and new users.

 Implement these 7 tools and note how much simpler it will get to generating traffic to your website. Remember, the secret of moving forward is getting started.

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