7 Sizzling Ideas to Consider for Your Video Marketing Campaign

7 Sizzling Ideas to Consider for Your Video Marketing Campaign

The world’s progression towards a visually-oriented race has awarded video marketing campaigns a whole new stand in the digital marketing arena.

Not so long ago, a mention of the term instantly led you to think of YouTube and its 5 billion videos. Make no mistake about it, YouTube is still king when it comes to visual content and still maintains second place when it comes to the internet’s largest search engine, but times are changing. Other social media platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram are fast incorporating visuals into their systems making it possible to utilize video marketing over extended internet lengths.

But what exactly is Video Marketing?

VM refers to any type of video that is recorded and posted with the intention of driving towards a business goal.

Anyone looking to start a video marketing campaign has taken a step in the right direction. After all, there is where almost all the attention is headed these days. Just take a look at the following statistics by HubSpot:

  • 500 million people watch videos on Facebook on a daily basis, 85% of which are watched soundless.
  • ‘Snapchatters’ watch an average of 10 billion videos every day.
  • 82% of all Twitter users watch videos on Twitter.
  • Video marketers acquire 66% more qualified leads yearly and experience a 55% increase in brand awareness.

Indeed, a well-thought video marketing campaign can smash your objectives and project your business to peak levels of success. If there is anything that stats have proved, it’s how easy video content is to consume. But not the easiest to create…

Video marketing can be one of the most challenging ventures to execute more so if you’ve never done it before; and recording and posting videos doesn’t always guarantee success with your outreach potential. If you want to experience success with your video marketing campaign, you’ll have to allocate most of your attention, if not all of it, to your venture.

Sure, you are bound to make a few miscalculations along the way, but how else do you expect to learn?

video marketing bar graph on percentage of obstacles

Enough said we’ve compiled a list of ideas pinpointing the most crucial components of a successful video marketing campaign. These will help you dominate the digital media scene with your remarkable video content.

7 video marketing campaign ideas

1. Come up with a strategy

Every achievement starts with a plan. There isn’t a single video marketing guide out there that doesn’t stress the need for a strategy when running a promotional campaign. The best way to keep track of an effective marketing campaign is to measure its consistent growth. And that is where writing down of goals and holding yourself accountable for them comes in.

Whether or not your videos work depends on the type of strategy you used in creating those goals:

  • Are your goals specific? It’s great that you have targets like “increase the number of subscribers,” but so do other 10,000 video marketers. Set something unique to your campaign. Something that’ll give you valuable insight in the long run.
  • Are your goals achievable? Being ambitious is fine, but looking to get 2 million YouTube subscribers within the first 6 months is a bit unrealistic, isn’t it?
  • Are your goals trackable? Setting a target whose progress you can track leaves you with valuable data in the end, even if you don’t achieve it.

2. Start creating

“The secret of getting in front is getting started.”

Don’t let the fear of starting prevent you from creating your first video content. Also, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. The truth is, your first video should be your worst and from there, you’ll have plenty of room to make each video better than the previous one.

Use the feedback that you receive to improve on the quality of your content. Many people blame their not getting started on a lack of filming tools, but that is no more of an excuse. Especially when you have a smartphone with a camera on its back and front. As you go, you grow and can invest more money into your video marketing campaign.

3. Concentrate on the story, not the sale

Customers are fed up with everyone on the internet trying to sell them something. If you’re going to provide any value for your customers, best you appeal to their needs and hidden desires. Ensure your storytelling focuses on the origin of your brand, your culture, ethos, and people, to showcase your business.

Also, include a “call to action” in your video alongside a relevant URL that fits inclusively into your story.

4. Get to the point within the first 10 seconds

Video experts recommend keeping your content short and direct. You don’t want viewers to click away from your video within 8 seconds or less so try sparking their curiosity by using teasers and asking questions to grab their attention immediately.

Should they watch your video because it’ll inspire them, make them laugh, or teach them something new?

5. Use humour and be interesting

You’d be amazed at the things that people will do for you for making them laugh and feel enlightened. People don’t want to find the same dull atmosphere on the internet that they encounter in their realities.

A firm tone is admirable but if comedy can help you drive home a point economically and efficiently, why wouldn’t you make an effort to see if it works?

6. Include an SEO plan in your video marketing campaign

Like every content in the online space, video content needs to be SEO optimized to simplify the searching process. Hosting any of your videos on your domain is a first. Next, ensure you reinforce your content with powerful descriptions. These allow Google to make sense of the video and what it entails.

Don’t forget to tag it with unique titles and relevant keywords.

7. Share your videos across all networks

Always post your videos on all your handles. A smart move includes figuring out where your consumers are most consuming video content, this way you can be sure you’re actually reaching them and not just posting random videos all over the internet.

As we conclude, everything in this article rests on knowing the type of target audience you intend to reach with your content. Then you can come up with a style of creating it. Does your niche require you to create educational, inspirational, or entertaining videos?

Well, whichever the case, this comprehensive guide presents you with what you need to know to make the most of your video marketing campaign. Best of luck!

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