Beginners YouTube Video Guide: 6 steps to making better videos

Beginners YouTube Video Guide:  6 steps to making better videos

Beginners YouTube video guide

The Youtube platform is one of the social media networks that has been booming for many years. Despite some controversies over the last few years, it is still quite possible to earn a living solely by running a Youtube channel where videos are uploaded. Of course, like any other niche, there is a lot of competition among Youtubers.  That is why beginners need to adopt the right tips in a bid to scale through.

It is possible to make up to millions of dollars via Youtube. Through many direct and indirect ways, such as brand ambassadorship, affiliate marketing, native advertisement, merchandising as well as through the purchase of Super Chats by your audience, etc. Although a lot of people make it seem like it’s very easy to make a reasonable sum of money via Youtube on a monthly basis, it needs a lot of dedication, hard work and persistence. If you are a beginner or intend to start a YouTtube channel, then you should put the following factors into considerations.

1. Are you motivated?

Motivation plays an important role when it comes to running a successful YouTube channel. Therefore, before you begin the journey, you should be able to tell what motivates you. Of course, motivation in this sense does not translate to your eagerness to act and work, but rather, the reason you desire to act and work. That being said, you could be motivated to do anything via Youtube, and it does not matter whether it is to educate, entertain, tell a story, promote an idea or just review products.

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The truth is that motivation is also the basis of the major elements of every YouTube channel, which include topic coverage (what your videos will be about), target audience (who your videos are intended for) and reason for existence (why should your videos be watched).

Of course, you need to ensure that you define these elements way before launching your channel as failure to do so will frustrate your efforts to capture a meaningful viewership. Besides, once you fail to define your elements, you could find yourself trying to focus on many aspects simultaneously and that will definitely be the beginning of failure especially if you are a beginner. Rest assured that if you do not identify what motivates you and stick to it, your competitors will outsmart you.

2. Create a catchy, memorable channel name

Once you determine what you are going to be focusing on, the next thing to do is to create an account with a catchy and memorable name. However, do not rush into using just any fancy name without checking its availability on YouTube and the other social media channels. The reason is that you might also be promoting some of your Youtube videos through other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Besides, it’s best to have the same username on all your social media handles, so that your fans can easily find you.  Of course, you wouldn’t want to run into problems by using a name which is already used by someone else. There are some tools out there, including Namechekr, through which you can verify your username on all social media channels. A major tip for protecting your username is to save it in advance on all social media networks, even if you do not intend to be active in all of them at the beginning.

3. Use SEO optimized video content

Using SEO is not just one of the tips for a successful Youtube channel, but it’s the main tip to consider as soon as you start uploading content. It is evident that Youtube videos need to be ranked well in order to have many viewers. This where the beginners YouTube video guide comes in.

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Beginners YouTube Video Guide

Thus, it is of utmost importance to properly optimize every video that is uploaded to your channel. One of the best ways of optimizing your videos is to target the right keywords. However, while at it, it will be logical of you to focus on great demand and low competition keywords because it’s easier to rank for them. Also, once you pick your keywords, you have to use them wisely in order to optimize search. Thus, you should ensure that the main keywords are used in your title, hashtags and in the description of your video or channel.

4. Excellent quality videos

The importance of excellent quality videos for Youtubers can never be overemphasized. The truth is that quality is king. It is what makes people to continue watching your videos to the end. Once the quality of your videos are great, people will watch, like and possibly share through other social media networks. This will definitely increase your video ranking, considering that audience interaction is a huge part of Youtube ranking.

However, to create quality videos, you need to have good equipment like a great camera. It does not have to be the most expensive camera. It’s actually possible to make great videos with smart phone cameras, a camcorder, or even a Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR). Besides a camera, you need a microphone and a lighted environment to make your videos audible and clear. Moreover, ensure that you chose a great background, notably a blank one. Above all, you can purchase video editing software that will give you control to produce a high quality video.

5. Upload videos frequently

You need to upload videos frequently in a bid to keep your fans and audience glued to your channel. The best way is to design a production schedule, which is basically how often you will be releasing new videos. Nevertheless, your frequency of release will depend on your content type. Certain contents are better released on a weekly basis whereas others are better on weekly and monthly basis.

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While making a production schedule, it is also imperative to be realistic and consider the long term. Thus, even if you can currently do a video on a daily basis, it might become impossible in a year as a result of your tight schedule. The logical thing to do is therefore to opt for a production schedule you can sustain in the long run.

While making a production schedule, it is also imperative to be realistic and consider the long term. Thus, even if you can currently do a video on a daily basis, it might become impossible in a year. The logical thing to do is opt for a production schedule you can sustain in the long run.

6. Promote your video content

Above all, you need to promote your Youtube videos in a bid to increase your viewership. It makes absolutely no sense if you focus on creating top quality videos, but fails to promote them. This therefore explains why you need to device the right strategy of promoting your business. YouTube video are promoted through other social media platforms like Facebook and other forums like Reddit.  You can also promote your channel by collaborating and networking with your audience.

Following the beginners YouTube video guide 6 steps will increase your viewership which will lead to an increase in popularity.

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