What Resources to Use to Help You Make Money with Product Reviews?


What Resources to Use to Help You Make Money with Product Reviews? Product reviews have become an integral part of our lives. How many times have you asked your friend of their thoughts on a certain product before purchasing it? Or searched online for opinions regarding a particular commodity? A book perhaps? A good guess is because you want to feel satisfied you’re spending your money on something valuable.

Product reviews are influencing customer’s buying decisions now more than ever with many people researching before they can settle for a good/service. The growing rate of product reviewing can further be attributed to the fact that consumers are engaging in it without even realizing it. Talk about a trend gone viral!

But what does this mean for those on the creating end? One thing’s for sure; where there is a lot of money being spent, there is a lot more of it being made. Earning from product reviews is as easy as it gets. What’s more, you can make cash with reviews you did over 2 years ago. The trick lies in matching consumers with their needs at all times.

Ensure that your inspection:

  • includes other people’s thoughts on a particular product that they’ve experienced,
  • confirms that a product works like it says it does,
  • compares other similar products by user experience and price,
  • weighs the pros and cons of a particular commodity, and
  • dismisses any fears of a scam.

How to get paid for your reviews

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As an affiliate

The simplest and most basic way to earn from reviews is to associate with the enterprise that sells the product. This partnership doesn’t necessarily have to be direct, and in some cases, a third-party website is involved.

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll need to find and sign up to an affiliate program for the commodity you’re willing to promote. A special link to track your sales will be designated to you. Only when somebody purchases the product will you get a commission.

Bear in mind that renown affiliate programs such as Amazon have lots of products and are much trusted; hence you can make a hefty amount of money reviewing and promoting their products. Other sites offering affiliate programs include Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, Vindale Research, ReviewStream, UserTesting, Software Judge, among others.

Most of these sites will allow you to make money with product reviews through online surveys that seek your opinion regarding specific products, brands, and services.  A second way to earn is by registering to test products and leaving your reviews based on your findings.

Start your blog

Starting your blog may just be the best way to get paid for reviews as it opens you up to passive income and lets you earn the small commission every time a consumer purchases an item through your website.

Blogging especially about the commodities you use is an excellent way to share the first-hand experience through your desired number of words and images. Other review sites are known for limiting reviews to a small number of words/paragraphs.

YouTube videos

YouTube, much like review blogging, is about the fundamentals of the content and all of the technical aspects. Displaying your product reviews in form of YouTube videos pits you against other YouTubers operating in the world’s second largest search engine. Consider the following points to help you grow an audience, build consistent traffic, and gain new exposure to your review campaign.

  • Use video titles addressing the solution of the product being reviewed.
  • Demo the product, not just talking about it.
  • Fill out all the fields and YouTube forms to ease the classification and display of your videos.

Advertise your product review on YouTube’s platform and across other social networks

Putting together a winning review

The methodology with which you write your review goes a long way to determining whether people will read and trust your word for it, or ignore it.

Do not try to sell the product. Leave that to the product owner. Yours is to help the customer make a purchasing decision by providing him with a thorough, objective review of the commodity before directing him to the website should he be interested in buying.

Purchasing and using the product yourself makes your reviews more credible as you’d be providing insight based on experience. In the case that buying the commodity is out of the question, there are forums and blog comments online that you can find user reviews to use for guidance.

Big Mistake

One of the worst mistakes you can ever do in reviewing is lying or trying to conceal something about the product. People appreciate when you’re honest with them about a commodity, and that means talking about its flaws as much as you do its benefits. If you think you cannot recommend a product, still review it and save someone the disappointment. Don’t worry about not getting the money. In the end, it’s your credibility and loyalty to the job that puts cash in your pocket, not the product.

Now, a product review needs to be written in a particular format if it is to catch the eye of the reader and keep them interested in buying.

Here are some recommendations for product reviews:

  • Title- The title is the first thing the customer will read and should tell them what the page entails.
  • Intro- You can convince the reader either to stay or leave the review in your intro. Ensure you introduce the product with utmost authenticity and follow with factual information about what it can do.
  • Main review- Begin by telling the aim of the commodity. Whether you’ve tried the product or not, it’s always a good idea to include a video or photos of how it works. Don’t forget to answer all questions about it in the main review.
  • Pros and cons- Sometimes, all it takes for a consumer to make a purchasing decision is to have a look at the pros and cons of the product. Separate this part from the ‘main review’ section.
  • Recommendation- A call to action forms the recommendation and final part of your review. After pointing the reader to the location of the product, give your thoughts on whether he/she should use it and why. Also, include your affiliate link to the product site.

As we wrap up, earning from product reviews demands that people find and read your completed pieces so they can click on your links and get the cash rolling in.

Optimize for SEO

What better way to enhance visibility on Google or YouTube than by optimizing your reviews for SEO? Optimized words and phrases to use in your titles alongside the product name include:

  • compare
  • buy
  • scam
  • any good
  • is it good
  • reviews
  • complaints
  • does it work

To conclude, there exists more detail out there on reviewing but this article is a comprehensive insight into the most valuable information that you need to have to start making money with product reviews. Best of luck!

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