Secret to Online Marketing Revealed

Secret to Online Marketing Revealed

Secret to Online Marketing Revealed

Key to online marketing is Return on Investment (ROI).   Positive ROI means you are making money.  Conversely, negative ROI means you are losing money.  In order to improve ROI, you must decrease expenses and increase revenue.  Business 101, Right?  What about a secret to online marketing?

Major expense in online marketing is buying traffic.  Whether it is pay per click (PPC), Facebook ads, or solo ads, this is the budget killer.  Most online marketers waste 50% of the money they spend on buying traffic.  Question is “how do you fix that?” “How do you make it more profitable?”

Now, Secret to online marketing revealed

Tracking is the Key

Tracking is key to unlocking massive ROI.  Simply put, tracking is easy if you learn how to do it, use a good tracking product (ClickMagick), and take the time to implement it.  As a matter of fact, a good tracking product such as ClickMagick will do most of the work for you.

First, you need to know what to track.  The following are 3 things you must track:

  1. All ads, promotions, and traffic sources
  2. All call to actions/sales converstions
  3. ROI for each traffic source

Set up Tracking Link

Online marketing secret revealed by woman blowing pixie dust

Next, you need to track each ad, sale, traffic source, etc.   Start by taking your link, such as affiliate link with affiliate ID embedded, and create a tracking link using your tracking product.  For example, will be converted to look like it came from your website and may look like

Sub ID tracking

Now, you can use Sub IDs to track multiple items from the same ad, sale or traffic source.  For instance, if we are promoting an affiliate product on Facebook and PPC, you can add sub IDs.  For example, our tracking may look like, and  You would do the same thing for all parts of you sales funnel, as well.  It may look something like: or  Ultimately this will allow you to track all opt ins, conversions, and sales from each AD, promotion or traffic source.

Determine ROI

Finally, you must be able to determine ROI for each ad, promotion, or traffic source.  Using the previous example, we can determine how many sales we got on our Facebook ad and our PPC.   You take the number of sales and how much you spent on acquiring the sale to determine your ROI.  If you have a positive ROI, then you keep running the AD or traffic source.  Then you can scale your profits.  If you have a negative ROI, you kill the AD or trafffic source, and do something different like optimize your AD or change traffic source.

Tracking Clicks is Easy

Ultimately, 80% of your online marketing success is going to come from proper tracking.  Once you create your tracking link in a tracking resource like ClickMagick, it will show you things like the total # of clicks, # of unique clicks, # false clicks (bots), and # actions taken like sales or leads depending on what you are converting for.  In effect, doing all the math for you.  It will even calculate cost per click (CPC), cost per acquistions (CPA), sales conversion rate (SCR), earnings per click (EPC), and ultimately ROI.

Remember tracking is key to online marketing.  Therefore, if you want a profitable online business, you must maximize ROI.  You maximize ROI by proper tracking.

Thanks for reading.

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