An introduction to SEO Optimization. The Internet is not what it used to be. A couple of years ago, people went online for no more than to fetch information on a particular topic or for communication. However, time has given way for other inventions and creations that have progressed the internet into something entirely different- A business hub.

Everybody is running an online venture, and everybody wants a piece of the giant pie that the internet has to offer. You can only imagine the type of competition that websites have to contend with in a bid to achieve online success, which leads us to our main topic of discussion- SEO optimization.

You’ve most likely come across the term ‘SEO’ in your normal wondering about the internet. Indeed, the term exists on an extensive space in the web with its use being associated with the organic visibility of a website on Google. So, what exactly is SEO and what is its relevance regarding a website’s online success?

What is SEO?

SEO-Search Engine Optimization- describes a chain of techniques that improve the online visibility of a website/ web page in Google result pages. Simply put, it is the process of acquiring higher rankings for your website.

An important point to note is that SEO optimization is one of the two known ways to appear high on the search engines. The other is a paid option where the search engine charges you to display your website as an advertisement for individual searches. Every click on your ad is money from your pocket.

Although we’re all about Search Engine Optimization in this article, it pays to understand the various benefits that come with each option, SEO being the most preferred way as we’ll see in another section the article. “Pay per click” advertising can come out as expensive, but it is a faster way to get higher rankings. In each case, a presence in Google means growth- an extensive outreach, more clients, more engagement, and more sales.

Relevance of SEO

A study conducted by Slingshot SEO in 2011 found that a higher ranking translates to a higher CTR –Click- through rate (the percentage of clicks on a link). There are critical businesses that fundamentally depend on the internet to carry out their day to day operations. SEO optimization has proved propitious to these venture by significantly improving their traffic and ultimately their income.

It takes countless effort to execute good SEO and a considerable amount of time (months) before the effects of a well-deployed SEO can start to kick in. If you’re going to push your website up the ranks in Google, Yahoo, or Bing, a good place to begin would be to understand the mechanism with which search engines work.

How Do Search Engines Work?

The internet is home to about 50 billion indexed pages. Without search engines, to find the right information would be like looking for a needle in a coal mine. By sorting out the relevant from the irrelevant, the engine uses a built up index to determine the right web page result for your query.

The internet is home to about 50 billion indexed pages. Without search engines, to find the right information would be like looking for a needle in a coal mine. By sorting out the relevant from the irrelevant, the engine uses a built up index to determine the right web page result for your query.

Even so, the index never stays the same for long. With the frequent addition of new websites and the redesigning of new pages and the uploading of new files, search engines require a tool to aid in continually updating the index.

That brings up the crawlers- Automated robots that scrape website pages for info. They do this by indexing images, videos, links, and other files.

3 Step Process

Search engines utilize crawlers to create result pages in a three-step process as follows;

  • Discovery- Google crawls and finds your website either through the ‘add URL page’ or by a dofollow link.
  • Indexing- Involves the processing and indexing of web pages.
  • Results- On entering a search query, the search engines scrutinize their index and present to you the most relevant of the results.

Search engines use a ranking procedure to pick out the most useful results and consider some factors in doing so. Understanding these factors puts you at the forefront of achieving success with your SEO plan.

 Factors That go into Play When Ranking a Website

seo optimization graphic

Google programs its algorithms smarter each day to ensure the satisfaction of users with the results that get delivered to them. Perhaps you’ve noticed the search bar’s tendency to correct your wrong spellings, or the search engine’s ability to distinguish between Java the language and Java the coffee house.


These algorithms work by putting to play a number of factors including:

  • Keywords- how evenly and relevantly you’ve distributed the keyword on your page translates to how easy it’ll be for the search engine to relate your page to what’s on the search query. A web page is considered more relevant if the keyword appears in your URL, header tags, title, content, domain…
  • Links- It is impossible to talk about links without a mention of the PageRank. The PageRank is an algorithm that considers the links you receive to your account to decide how far up or down the search engine you appear. There was a mention of the connection between backlinks and SEO in another one of our recent articles on backlinks. Be sure to check it out.
  • Site age- Search engines generally consider websites that have been around for a while to be more dominant than new websites.
  • Up-to-date relevancy- It does good for your website to Update old pages or add new ones. This confirms the activity of a site.
  • Content quality- How quality is your content? How deep do you go with your topics? You know who else asks these questions? Google. The relevancy of your content is as important as the links you include in it when it comes to getting good rankings.
  • Webpage load times and website speed- Waiting gets frustrating. Search engines are likely to direct users to fast-loading pages than pages that load for long periods.
  • Other factors include mobile optimization, the long-tail concept, URL structure, pictures, tags, etc.

SEO Optimization Conclusion

SEO optimization covers a wide readership, and there is a lot more detail you can get into if you are to become fully accustomed with Search Engine Optimization. This piece provides you with an idea on what you need to know about SEO when you are just beginning.

As we conclude, it is only fair to leave you with a glimpse of what to expect when carrying out an SEO plan. If you’ve not already figured this part out, there exists no bypass in SEO these days and the first months starting out will not get any easier on you. But we can tell you this; it gets better! Without a doubt, an efficiently carried out SEO plan is eventually set to start putting money into your pocket.


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