Social Media Influencer Marketing: 5 things to consider before you begin

Social Media Influencer Marketing:  5 things to consider before you begin

Social Media Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is increasingly becoming popular. Unlike before, when it was limited to celebrities and popular bloggers, it has become possible for individuals to delve into it as long as they are capable of building a large audience through which they can increase the sales of certain goods and services. Social media influencer marketing is simply a type of marketing which involves endorsements from people (influencers). As well as organizations that have commendable expert knowledge and social influence in particular fields.

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Of course, influencer marketing is done through the various social media channels, including, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest etc. Even though there are many recommendations on how to become a successful social media influencer marketer, it isn’t exactly easy due to a lot of competition in the field. Nevertheless, to be successful as a social media influencer, you need to invest in strategic targeting and planning. There are many ways of going about social media influencer marketing. This article rather serves as a guide for businesses who intend to use this marketing technique. That being said, we will look at things to take into consideration before indulging the services of a social media influencer.

Conduct thorough research on the different social media network

The first step to a successful social media influencer marketing campaign is to conduct thorough research. Therefore you can settle for the network that matches your goals and the products or services you intend to sell. It is logical to choose a network to focus on before expanding to the other networks in the long run. It might be costly for you to pay many different influencers on all the social media networks.

Ideally, you should be ready to settle for the network in which your brand already has a presence. Also, look forward to expand in it. It is also evident that the different networks have different demographics. Always settle for the network that appeals more to the demographics you intend to target in your digital marketing. For instance, an estimated 81% of people aged 18 to 29 use Facebook. Meanwhile just about 40% of the people in the same age group use Twitter. Therefore, if you intend targeting people aged 18 to 29, it will be logical to opt for a Facebook influencer because Facebook clearly has a greater proportion of your target audience.  Aside demographics, you should equally pay attention to your industry and choose a network in which your niche dominates.

It has been observed that beauty and fashion brands excel better on YouTube and Instagram. Whereas the video game industry dominates on Twitch.  Of course, your research should also focus on the rates because compensations vary wildly. Generally, micro influencers are known to charge less as opposed to celebrities who charge heavily. Besides, you might need to go through a talent agency to hire a celebrity to promote your products or services on social media.

Draft a budget

the next best thing to do is to draft a budget for your influencer marketing campaign. When drafting your budget, monitoring and follow up is needed when you are dealing with a social media influencer. Thus, you should endeavor to factor in time to plan, execute and review your strategy.

The truth is that unlike an automated ad strategy, influencers are mere human beings. That often try so hard to balance different partnerships, and are therefore likely to lack behind with certain commitments. So aside money, be ready to invest time in cultivating a great working relationship with them. If money isn’t a problem for you, then it will make sense to set up ambassador programs through which influencers will be made brand ambassadors of your products. Also, with the availability of enough capital to advertise your brand, you could instead simply hire an influencer marketing agency to do the research and coordination for you.

Focus on the message and goals of the campaign

It is apparent that the purpose of hiring the services of social media a influencer is to improve your brand visibility and subsequently increase sales and returns on investment (ROI). But of course, it wouldn’t make sense to just settle on these two things. It will rather be more effective to start your strategy, by honing down what your brand actually needs. You may decide to focus on increasing awareness among a particular demographic. Introducing a new product or just sensitizing your target audience about the values and uniqueness of your brand. Of course, the message you intend to pass across is as important as your influencer marketing goal. Thus, structure your campaign message in a manner that ties with your goals. While ensuring that you do not stifle the creativity and uniqueness of the influencer you chose to work with.

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Contact the influencers and strike an agreement with them

When you are sure of your network, budget as well as your goals and message, you should proceed to find the influencers in your niche and contact them. Put certain factors into consideration while choosing the perfect influencer to work with on your influencer marketing. For instance, ensure that you chose an influencer who isn’t already promoting goods or services that are similar to yours. Also, chose influencers who are consistent in posting, with a large audience, coupled with a high engagement ratio. After choosing the right influencers, you can contact them by either a direct message, email or phone call.

Measure your progress

Come to an agreement with an influencer, set dates to measure the progress of your influencer marketing campaign. There are actually many ways of measuring the success of your campaign, including the use of hashtags and keywords. Purchase tools that are used in tracking the success of a social media ad campaign. Always have it at the back of your mind that although not all campaigns are successful. You will definitely learn one or two things from each so you can re-strategize and improve your sales.

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