Testing and Optimizing

Testing and Optimizing

Testing and Optimizing Your Traffic and Funnel

The Problem

I have listened to all the experts.  Even splurged for the best funnel of all time in the history of funnels.  In fact, all my social media sites are full of amazing content and attracting interest.  But I am barely getting any leads.  I don’t even want to talk about the sales that aren’t coming in.  They said all I had to do was run this ad on Facebook  using this ultimate opt-in and surefire funnel, and the money would come pouring in.  What is going on?  What am I doing wrong? Was this a scam?  These may be questions you are asking yourself when your offer and sales funnel aren’t producing.  The answer is simple:  Are you Testing and Optimizing?

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What exactly do you need to test?  At this point you should be testing 2 things:  Your traffic and your funnel.  Its important to realize that there are 100s of variables you can test.  Examples are: source (facebook, solo ads, instagram), video vs image ads, long copy vs short copy, fonts, colors, subject lines, time of day, day of week, audience, etc.  The list goes on and on.  This may seem overwhelming, but it is simple.  To explain, all you need is a plan.  Simply test 1 part at a time like traffic.  When testing your 1 part (traffic), test 1 variable like video ad vs image ad.  This is called A/B testing.  Always test against a control.

Your results come pouring in.  In conclusion, your video had an opt in rate of 30% and your image add opt in rate was 5%.  Obviously your video ad won.  This is now your control and you kill the image ad.  Now, lets optimize.


What is optimizing and why do I need it.  Optimizing determines which variables (font, color, placement) works best for your traffic or funnel.  As a result, finding the best performing parts will increase opt ins which will increase sales.  Consequently, this is an ongoing process that never ends.

As soon as you get your control established, start testing your variables against your control.  Length of the test will depend on what platform you are using and how big test is.  For instance, if you are running a Facebook ad at $5 a day it may take 3-4 days to get a winner.  However, if your budget is $10,000 a day, it may only take you a day to get a winner.

Once you have a winner, keep that piece in place and test a different variable.  You must remember, keep all but 1 variable constant.  This will ensure accurate results.  Not to mention, save you money.


You determined that you get more opt ins with your video ad.  Next, you want to A/B test your video ad to get an optimal number of opt ins.  Sounds confusing but its not.  Then test your cover image to your video.  You test an image of your speaker vs a tropical paradise image.  You can do this several times till you get the best cover image.  Lastly, you repeat this process till you have the best cover image.  Repeat this process for all variables like, theme music, subtitles, headlines on cover image, video length, location of video, etc.  This will give you the best video for your ad.

Most importantly, you must test and optimize all parts of your traffic and your funnel to include opt in, squeeze page, thank you page, up sells, down sales, and follow up email campaign.  Seems like a lot but its really not.  There are even products that will do all this for you like ClickMagick.


In closing, testing and optimizing is paramount to maximizing opt ins and sales.  You can do all this manually by yourself or you can get a tracking product like ClickMagick that will not only track your stats, but split test, do the math, and give you a winner.  All you have to do is keep testing and optimizing, as well as, spend all that money.

Click the following link to get a free ClickMagick Guide that goes into more details on everything I have explained.

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