WhatsApp: Six ideas for your WhatsApp marketing campaign

WhatsApp:  Six ideas for your WhatsApp marketing campaign

WhatsApp is not exactly the name that comes to mind when you think of social media. And why should it? When we have sites like Twitter and Facebook, it is hard to think of any messenger app as an avenue for online advertising. But don’t discard your chats just yet. Not before you learn of how these messaging apps are gaining on social platforms in terms of users.

1.5 billion active monthly consumers around the world is not a small figure when talking about a texting application such as WhatsApp. A number like that doesn’t just get ignored. Anybody who knows how to take advantage of a good opportunity knows the kind of market penetration there is to be had from adopting WhatsApp for business.

Why use WhatsApp for Marketing?

Over 60 billion messages get sent via WhatsApp every day which means that a more significant percentage of your customers are already using it. The exciting thing about these users is that they are just as willing to engage in business through the app as you.

A survey by “Nielsen’s Facebook Messaging” found out that 53% of messaging app users prefer to shop and engage with a business with which they can message directly.

Also, the growing generation is filled with digital natives whose daily lives are characterized by communication through messaging applications such as WhatsApp. This is one of the surest ways to reach and sell to them.

Another upside for messaging applications is their incredible engagement rates. With 98% of mobile texts being opened and read within a few minutes of being received, it is highly unlikely that your advertisement messages will go unnoticed.

If you are not utilizing WhatsApp to extend the reach of your content, then you’re prospects probably are.

How to utilize WhatsApp for marketing

Advertising on WhatsApp requires you to share messages, videos, and photos through three fundamental ways listed as follows:

  • One-on-one chat- Includes chatting directly with a consumer who is in your contact list. You can voice call or video call them too, or record snippets of audio and send to them.
  • Broadcast lists-  Sending an advertising message to a broadcast list sends it to all those in the list who’ve saved your contact in their phone book. A broadcast list is limited to 256 contacts.
  • Groups- Group chats are an open forum where up to 256 people can chat at the same time, sharing messages, videos, and photos.

Keep in mind that WhatsApp is as personal as it gets. Therefore, trust and creativity are crucial in any advertising campaigns that you decide to tackle.

 With that said, we’ve put together some tips to help you explore all the possibilities that exist from optimizing WhatsApp. Here are:

Six ideas for your WhatsApp marketing campaign

1.     Add a personal feel to your advertisements

Most marketers may be used to creating brand images on other social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, but WhatsApp is a private network. The truth is every consumer here wants to feel a human bond in the purchasing process.

What better way to stand out and create sales conversion than by creating a brand persona? This establishes a connection that helps diminish the feeling that users get when their privacy is invaded.

2.      Create Incentives

whatsapp chat box

The success of your WhatsApp marketing campaign rests on convincing your consumers to give you their number. Note that the application’s private feel does not allow users to converse with anyone they don’t feel they’re in control of. Users need to perceive a sense of domination. Only then will they share information with you.

A sure way to convince potential customers to join your campaign is to incentivize it. You’d be surprised at what people will give you provided they have the right motivation- offers, freebies, competitions, you name it. Don’t forget to make your incentives fun and interactive.

3.      Create Rapport

“Rapport is the ability to enter someone else’s world, to make him feel that you understand him, that you have a strong common bond”- Unlimited power

The straightforward layout and instant messaging features available in WhatsApp makes it the perfect network to improve customer service by making them feel as if they are receiving an individualized treatment.

No matter what you’re selling, if you can develop enough rapport with customers, you will be able to meet their needs, and they’ll be able to match yours.

4.      Make your advertisement seem exclusive

The fact that the messaging application’s broadcast list limits your advertising messages to 256 people enhances the quality of your campaign as you will be dealing with a focused group. Yours will be a safe and trusted crusade aimed at making customers feel like they are part of something special and not just some automated push message campaign.

5.      Maintain quality content

Content is king, even in messaging. Unlike Twitter, WhatsApp doesn’t limit your text to 140 characters, so length is not that much of a factor. All the same, short and powerful messages carry in them a lot of weight as compared to longer ones.

Make each word count. It is especially important that your word choices and writing style resonates with your audience. Otherwise, you’ll see little to no engagement from them. Remember, it’s not about you. Mentioning what your customers stand to gain from using your product/service puts them at the center of attention.

6.      Enhance your customer support

WhatsApp’s’ compatibility with desktop devices lets you utilize it alongside other desktop applications to cement your customer support system. Visit the Web App site and follow the simple instructions that come after scanning the QR code on your smartphone.

Just like that, other WhatsApp users can directly reach you, and You’ll be able to provide answers to their messages there and then.

The Takeaway

Initially, WhatsApp was developed to facilitate free cloud communication between friends and professional teams. Even so, advertisers are fast finding a marketing destination in this messaging app with consumers also falling to the trend.

For this reason, its developers have launched a business version of the app which they claim was “built with the small business owner in mind.”

The app has been integrated with tools that allow you to automate, sort, and promptly respond to messages. Furthermore, you can reuse frequently sent texts and use them as quick replies to effectively answer common questions asked by consumers. Discover additional features of the WhatsApp Business App here.

When all’s said and done, we can arguably agree that messaging applications are fast catching up with social media in marketing. Whether you are using the old WhatsApp or eyeing the new business model, you now have the resources to take advantage of the untapped gap in the market to advertise your products and services online.

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