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Will Heath, Entrepreneur / Online Marketer

Founder of Earth Group Marketing

Growing up there were signs that I was going to be an entrepreneur, however I didn’t know it.

As a kid I was fascinated by classified ads in magazines.  As a result, I saved up to buy a book on how to place classified ads. First step in entrepreneurship.  Next dream I had was to open a restaurant because I wanted to bring family and friends together.  There were many more.  In essence, the entrepreneur bug bite me and I didn’t know.

Consequently, I never acted on my passion.  I had been told the keys to success are to go to college, get a job, and work hard.  Coupled with saving money, I would be a success.  Also, I learned rich people are bad.  Not to mention mean and greedy.  Therefore, I subconsciously trained myself to not get rich and not be successful.

Next, I spent 25 years trying to succeed while I subconsciously sabotaged myself.  In spite of myself I still had some success, but not the liberating, yell out loud, success I desired.  In fear that I wouldn’t live up to my potential, I worked harder, longer, faster than those around me.  For this reason I was physically and mentally exhausted.

Generally speaking, I needed a change.  Specifically a Lifestyle Change.  All of a sudden it hit.  Be your own boss.  Work for yourself.  In essence live the life you have always wanted to live.

3 months ago, I became an entrepreneur / online marketer.  My knowledge of social media was very limited.  As a matter of fact, I had never made a Facebook post prior to starting my business.  Now I run ads on multiple platforms daily.

Ultimately my goal is to bring value added products and services to people everywhere so that their quality of life is improved.

Best Wishes,

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Location: Deatsville, AL

Phone: 334-467-7785

email: will@earthgroupmarketing.com

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